2016 is a transition year for AIPJ. For information on 2011-2015 programs, please click 'Completed Programs' button

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AIPJ commenced in 2011 and was completed in 2015.

AIPJ presented the achievements of the program to the Government of Indonesia and transferred a number of programs which were sustainable to Bappenas in November 2015. Indonesian counterparts acknowledged that significant reforms were achieved in this period, and recognised the contribution of AIPJ. The 2016 transition program builds on successful AIPJ initiatives, focuses on improving the policy direction of law and justice and access to justice in Indonesia, and maintains a focus on three target groups: people with disabilities, women who are poor and vulnerable children.

Select activities from the 2011-2015 program will be continued. The Program will focus on the following work areas:
i.    Judicial reform
ii.   Anti-corruption
iii.  Prison reform
iv.   Disability and gender inclusion

The Program will continue to target benefits for people with disabilities, women who are poor and vulnerable children. Vulnerable children will no longer be supported through the juvenile justice, legal aid and legal identity programs, which have been completed, but through prison reform. These initiatives are new areas of work for AIPJ and will involve new strategy and partners, as well as drawing on previous networks in selected target province areas.

The Program will ensure that key reforms supported by AIPJ in the courts are sustainable. These include small claims processes, streamlined case management, mediation and improved public services. The program will be increasingly focused on supporting legal reforms that contribute to a healthier business environment and mitigate risks to the economy.

Corruption prevention activities will be expanded to cover all provinces and reach one million participants. Engagement with business on preventing corruption will leverage off broader work occurring to increase the ease of doing business in Indonesia.

AIPJ will continue to work intensively with provincial governments and partners in NTB and South Sulawesi as well as Aceh and West Java to test if reforms can help people resolve justice issues and promote tolerance and the rule of law.

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