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AIPJ investments continue to be realised in government

On 24-26 August MOHA conducted a national coordination meeting involving 514 Dukcapil offices across the country. We can see that there are further policy uptakes on initiatives started through AIPJ, the integrated mobile service of Pelayanan Terpadu (Yandu), the need to invest more on these services, and the commitment to simplify and streamline civil registration mechanisms. 

On the last point, there were two key breakthroughs this year. After several years of AIPJ partner and team advocacy, Permendagri 9/2016 was passed to regulate alternative ways to prove legal marriage so children can get birth certificate with both parents identified and SE Mendagri 471/2016 was implemented to direct all Dukcapil (civil registration offices) to simplify registration requirements into simply using Kartu Keluarga.

The result of the meeting is available for public here
Source: Dukcapil website