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Learning court innovation through internship

On 5-9 December 2016, six staff of the Indonesian Supreme Court and other courts in Indonesia visited the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) in Brisbane and State Court of Queensland.

Hermansyah, SHI (Badilag); Ade Firman Fathony, SHI., MSI. (Judge at the Religious Court in Tanggamus); M. Fariedd Zikrullah (IT and Reporting Unit  at the Religious Court in Malang); Dewi Mustika Indah (IT and Reporting Unit at the Religious Court in Pekanbaru); Arifin Samsurijal (Budgeting and Planning, Supreme Court); Yunani Abiyoso (Supreme Court Reform Team).

MA signed a court-to-court partnership MoU with FCA and FCoA in 2004 and had continued collaborating since. This year, the focus and issues raised was about Project Management and Implementing Innovation in Courts.

Maximizing the use of IT in public service and human resources development using the e-Learning is two of the recommendation to be planned and implemented in Indonesia’s court.


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