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AIPJ Training: a good sign for deaf justice seekers

PLJ is establishing itself as an organization which can develop and supply sign language interpreters for deaf justice seekers. PUSHAM UII and AIPJ team members also helped with practical exercises and moot courts to help interpreters learn about the justice system.  Their aim is to have a roster of sign language interpreters on call when deaf people come into contact with justice officers.

This is important because many deaf people are victims of violence and face discrimination because they are deprived the right to hear and present evidence, or defend themselves properly if accused. However, it’s not an easy service to provide: sign language interpreters need to learn the right signs for legal concepts, they need to understand court processes and they need to be properly organized so that their service is reliable.

AIPJ is therefore supporting PLJ by partnering them with PUSHAM UII, experts in human rights, and by providing organizational development support so they can recruit interpreters and establish a service.  We will all be testing it in Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta with law enforcement officials before trying to expand it to other areas.

"I didn't have any understanding about Indonesian law, whereas I've assisted two trials witha deaf people as victims. The workshop helped me understand more about the law system and it surely will help me a lot in my work," said Phieter Angdika from PLJ.


Video of the training
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