2016 is a transition year for AIPJ. For information on 2011-2015 programs, please click 'Completed Programs' button

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AIPJ in transition: 2016 and beyond

AIPJ in transition: 2016 and beyond

Dear Friends and Partners of AIPJ,

We wanted to get in touch to update you on what’s happening with our work during this year.

In partnership with the Government of Indonesia, the Government of Australia is supporting a “transition program” to follow on from the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ), to promote the rule of law in Indonesia. Both countries’ commitment to the rule of law is outlined in the Australian-Indonesia Aid Investment Plan which notes that law and justice cooperation is ‘important to promoting stability and prosperity in the region’. Within this strategic framework, AIPJ supports research, advocacy, policy development and innovation within and outside justice institutions to promote legal certainty and improved access to justice. AIPJ commenced in 2011 and was completed in 2015. In November, achievements of the program were presented to the Government of Indonesia and a number of programs which were sustainable were transferred to Bappenas, Indonesia’s National Development Agency. Indonesian counterparts acknowledged that significant reforms were achieved in this period and recognised the contribution of AIPJ. The AIPJ Completion Report is due on 31 March 2016 and will document the program’s performance against its end of program outcomes. The transition program builds on successful AIPJ initiatives in court reform, anti-corruption, disability and gender inclusion. The focus remains on improving the policy direction of law and justice and access to justice in Indonesia, especially in relation to our three target groups: people with disabilities, women who are poor and vulnerable children. AIPJ will continue to operate as a facility, allowing for iterative and responsive programming. This mode of governance will also support the design and development of a longer term facility, commencing in 2017. AIPJ is now contacting partners to discuss our work plan for 2016. We look forward to continuing our co-operation with you.