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ODI Evaluation of AIPJ now released

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has now released its evaluation of the role of civil society in justice reform in Indonesia including AIPJ's contribution, with three case studies covering court reform, legal identity, and legal aid. ODI is a respected independent voice in international development and has a reputation for being highly innovative in evaluation methodology The evaluation was important given that about 80 percent of AIPJ’s activities were delivered through civil society partners, and that the Civil Society Strengthening Program managed within AIPJ by The Asia Foundation was a significant element of AIPJ's work.
What was the perceived role of AIPJ in influencing changes in the justice system?
The case studies uncovered four ways in which AIPJ was perceived to be influential – both in contributing to CSO capacity as well as contributing directly to changes in the justice system. As a funder, AIPJ has provided financial support for a number of CSO and government led initiatives in the justice sector. Beyond their role as a funder, by recruiting an experienced team from government and CSOs as advisors, AIPJ has been able to provide the intellectual leadership needed to stimulate many of the changes mentioned above. They have also brokered relationships between CSOs and high level government official, both in Indonesia and in Australia. Finally, AIPJ has provided technical assistance and capacity development to CSOs to maintain their role as drivers of reform.
- Hearn, S. et al 2016: Civil Society and Justice Reform in Indonesia: An Evaluation of the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice, Overseas Development Institute 2016.
Legal identity and legal aid programs, covered in these reports, were completed in 2015 but remain vitally important to Indonesians’ access to justice and services, and we hope the lessons contained in the evaluations will be valuable for the Government of Indonesia, for other programs and for work beyond 2016.




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Civil society and justice reform
Case study: court reform 
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Evaluations of other AIPJ programs are available at www.aipj.or.id.