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SPAK reaches all 34 provinces in Indonesia!

Saya, Perempuan Anti Korupsi! movement started in April 2014 and became a national program under KPK’s leadership a year after.  It has now reached all 34 provinces in Indonesia with over 1000 agents having reached over 1 million people with their anti corruption messages through schools, universities, government offices, entrepreneurs, disability organisations and Indonesian families.

From the evaluation done last year, 94% of the agents have refused to participate in corruption behaviour since joining SPAK but only 20% felt brave enough to report corruption issues. New applications introduced this year are helping increase this proportion, and SPAK agents are also now linked in with CSOs and Ombudsman’s Offices who investigate reports and ensure police investigate. Another evaluation currently underway is expected to see improved reporting and impact of the work of the agents.

The SPAK movement has broken records for public participation, including mobilizing 1,400 students in Makassar last year to play the anti-corruption game Semai and similar events in Gorontalo and NTT. 

Most Government Departments have now adopted SPAK internally, including the National Police.  The Office of the President has declared SPAK part of the Revolusi Mental agenda. 

Congratulations to the agents of SPAK!